Why the Women’s Self Defense Safety Kit is Your Best Self Defense

images (5)Women are becoming more and more aware that they should carry some kind of personal defense to ward off possible attackers. Thieves and muggers are getting increasingly brave and now don’t limit their criminal activities to evenings.

We are reading more and more stories about attacks taking place in broad daylight. The opportunist thief deliberately chooses crowded places where he can make his escape into the crowds.

These stories worried Emma. Self defense for women is becoming more of an issue. She didn’t want to end up as another statistic, but wasn’t sure what was the best item of self protection to suit her as she was a small and slightly built girl.

The internet solved her problem. She purchased a complete women’s self defense safety kit. She got an instructional DVD to show her how her small size could be used to her advantage in an assault situation, a stun gun that looked exactly like a cell phone, an ordinary looking key ring that emitted a high pitched alarm and light, with a pocket sized pepper spray and a book that gave tips for self defense for women.

Emma was very happy with her purchase and just felt safer just having Women’s Safety Kit [http://www.aaa-safetyfirst.com/womenkit.htm] in her possession. She decided that from then on when she was out and about, she’d have her purse over her left shoulder, and hold the fake cell phone in her right hand in her pocket. As well as having the others in her pocket if should she need them.

She practiced the self defense techniques diligently and felt like a different women, more empowered. It didn’t take long for Emma to put her practice to good use.

Emma was walking through the park one lunchtime when she felt a sharp tug on her purse. She spun around pulling the stun gun from her pocket and zapped the youth in the neck. As he released the grip on her purse she fired of a burst of pepper spray into his eyes.

He was completely disorientated and to finish things off Emma activated her alarm. Within seconds she was surrounded by people and the guy was well restrained until the police arrived. Emma was shaken but her adrenalin was buzzing.